Since 1998 we have skillfully crafted hundreds of custom cabinet projects in the residential, commercial, and industrial markets. Our vast experience, dedication to detail and overall commitment to quality ensures that you get the best product for your investment.



The designers at Nova Woodworks are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of premium cabinet construction and architectural mill work. Whether you have an exact vision for your project or are looking for some inspiration, we can help. We use the latest design and CAD software so we can provide accurate renderings and drawings to detail every component of even the most complex project. The powerful design software allows us to maintain details needed to produce a product that not only fits in the space required, but will function flawlessly. We design specifically for each clients specific requirements, offering unique and innovative design solutions to ensure that the overall vision and style are not compromised.


Every project has its own unique challenges involving everything from the overall layout, style, space requirements, and functionality. Customization is extremely important when it comes to providing a customer with a product that is aesthetically pleasing and functions in the physical space requirements. Our team takes great pride in providing inventive solutions and the highest quality materials to create cabinetry that will last the test of time. We offer a variety of storage solutions; lighting components and speciality hardware for all types of residential and commercial projects. Our facility is also equipped to create complex mouldings and detailed wood components with our state-of-the-art machinery. We also offer a custom moulding cutter service which allows us to replicate existing cabinet parts providing the client with the option of integrating old cabinetry with new.


The true sign of a well crafted piece of cabinetry is the look and smooth luxurious feel of the final finish. This is why we take great care in making the overall appearance and feel of the cabinet finish the best that it can be. All of the cabinet components are meticulously sanded to remove all imperfections, scratches, and swirls left by the machining process and allows the stains to absorb evenly. The stains and glazes are then hand applied so that the natural character and beauty of the wood is fully enhanced. Our top coats are high quality post-catalyzed clear conversion varnish. It gives a smooth, durable, knock proof, mar resistant, household chemical resistant and UV protected finish that protects the cabinetry from normal wear and tear while retaining its beautiful lustre and sheen. We offer custom colour matches for both our stain finishes and painted products.